Happiness Project: The 10 Commandments

I am not the most religious person in the world, but I was always fond of what the 10 commandments stood for. Ways of living a healthy life with just a few rules of thumb never hurt anyone. I must admit, I’m not sure if I have abided by those 10 rules throughout my life, but I hope the 10 I created for myself become an everyday practice.

One area of the Happiness Project requires you to create your own personal 10 commandments to live by. When I started writing mine, they started to sound vague and not very true to me. I felt like if I was supposed to get to the nitty-gritty of finding happiness, I had to own up to what I really wanted.

Virginia’s 10 Commandments:

1. You are right where you are supposed to be

2. Set no limitations

3. Laugh it off

4. Enjoy the ride

5. Embrace insecurities

6. Think before you act/speak

7. Worry about others less

8. Live in the now

9. Have fun with failure

10. Smile

My commandments now speak perfectly to what I need to do to maintain my happiness. After I wrote them out, I felt great and wanted to make copies of them to hold on to so I can remember them in a time of need. So far, they are just listed here and in my phone, but I do have a crafty plan for them once I am no longer living out of a suitcase…

For now, I look back at them just in case there is a day where I try to act against them. Like this blog and its purpose, I hope that the commandments will challenge me to act on my words and continue to move forward to  a happier me.

Until tomorrow!



The Happiness Project: My Mission to Dedicate a Year to My Happiness

These past couple of months have been brutal. I am admitting now that I have not been my best self. My mood has been up and down like a roller coaster because I’ve been losing focus in my life and having a hard time watching people move forward. I wish I could find a better word than jealousy, but that is pretty much it, pure jealousy. I’ve been watching my friends be successful in finding careers, love, and their personal passion and I have been frustrated with my own process.
At first, I though I was just in a funk, and I tried to do everything that normally helps me get out of those funky moods. I belted songs from the top of my lungs, wrote, danced in my room like I was in a discotec in Amsterdam, but nothing worked. I wanted a change, but I couldn’t find out where to get it. This weekend I started a new book called The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. I didn’t know what to expect from this book, since I pretty much judged the book by its bright colors and Best Seller sticker. As I started reading, I knew this could be something I could do on my own, and something I needed to do. Gretchen makes monthly resolutions and focused on them, by creating objectives to follow in that time frame. Each month is different, but they all connect to her main goal of feeling happy with the life she has. Now I want to attempt my own happiness project. I know that I am blessed for the life and opportunities I have had, and I want to appreciate them more.
Next Sunday I turn 23, and I want to dedicate this year to my happiness. I don’t feel like I know myself as much as I should yet, because I always get deterred by what I think I want by following others. I’m challenging myself by writing about it and sharing my story, because I think it will push me more if I start to give up half-way through (don’t let me do it!).
I have written my resolutions for 12 months and I plan on sticking to them! I am dedicating my first month to energy, since this is the key thing needed to get my life started.
Wish me luck!