Happiness Project: Practice Makes Perfect – A June Review

Well hello there, July. My first month of my personal Happiness Project is complete and it definitely was a fun ride. My mission for June was to focus on my energy, both physically and mentally. I decided to make sure I had at least seven hours of sleep each day, exercise at least five days a week, as well as practice the art of meditating – a challenge, but one of my new favorite things.
At the beginning of the month, I was at the top of my game. I worked out almost everyday, even if it was in small increments. I felt fully rested when I woke up every morning due to my sleep schedule, and meditating left me so relaxed and energized to continue my day.
As I mentioned in my previous post, “The Balancing Act”, I started struggling with my routine due to me moving in with my parents. I think my body is finally starting to get acclimated with the new move, but I will be doing it again when I move for grad school at the end of the month.
I guess the big question to ask at the end of this month is, do I feel happier? This month definitely challenged me to abide by my commandments, as there have been some down days, but overall, I am pleased with the progress and am excited to tackle a new month of the happiness pursuit.
For the month of July, I decided to dedicate my focus on my health, and how it reflects my confidence. I don’t have the best confidence as of right now, but I have a good feeling about this month and what some of the ideas I have will bring.
Here’s to month two!

Happiness Project: The Balancing Act

June Update: For the first couple of weeks, I definitely felt more energized. I was working out frequently and meditating 10 minutes a day. There were days where I didn’t even think about getting coffee! But when my schedule changed, and I moved out of my apartment, my new routine started to slip.
Juggling always seemed like a fun hobby to learn, but in my personal life, it’s not as intriguing.The one question that I forgot to ask myself while starting my Happiness Project was “Where do these new plans fit into my current schedule?” Now that I am ending my first month of trying to maintain my energy, I am beginning to ask this question more often.
When I moved out of my apartment and into my parent’s home. I didn’t have the flexibility of some of the things I had at my own place, so this made things difficult when trying to meditate and sleep more. The past couple of weeks have also been quite busy with friends, which is nice, but also taking away the time I was supposed to have toward my project.
Am I supposed to stay up late, just to make sure I can get my 10 minutes of meditation time? Or make sure I get enough sleep? This is the Catch-22 situation that I am currently dealing with this month, and am fearful of in the next 11 months to follow. With my 10 commandments in mind, I am doing my best to enjoy the ride and practice my juggling skills… One more week of June to go!

The Happiness Project: My Mission to Dedicate a Year to My Happiness

These past couple of months have been brutal. I am admitting now that I have not been my best self. My mood has been up and down like a roller coaster because I’ve been losing focus in my life and having a hard time watching people move forward. I wish I could find a better word than jealousy, but that is pretty much it, pure jealousy. I’ve been watching my friends be successful in finding careers, love, and their personal passion and I have been frustrated with my own process.
At first, I though I was just in a funk, and I tried to do everything that normally helps me get out of those funky moods. I belted songs from the top of my lungs, wrote, danced in my room like I was in a discotec in Amsterdam, but nothing worked. I wanted a change, but I couldn’t find out where to get it. This weekend I started a new book called The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. I didn’t know what to expect from this book, since I pretty much judged the book by its bright colors and Best Seller sticker. As I started reading, I knew this could be something I could do on my own, and something I needed to do. Gretchen makes monthly resolutions and focused on them, by creating objectives to follow in that time frame. Each month is different, but they all connect to her main goal of feeling happy with the life she has. Now I want to attempt my own happiness project. I know that I am blessed for the life and opportunities I have had, and I want to appreciate them more.
Next Sunday I turn 23, and I want to dedicate this year to my happiness. I don’t feel like I know myself as much as I should yet, because I always get deterred by what I think I want by following others. I’m challenging myself by writing about it and sharing my story, because I think it will push me more if I start to give up half-way through (don’t let me do it!).
I have written my resolutions for 12 months and I plan on sticking to them! I am dedicating my first month to energy, since this is the key thing needed to get my life started.
Wish me luck!