The Infamous Graduation Cap v. Kinky Curls: Styling Natural Hair on my Graduation Day

No one’s hair looks good in a graduation cap. This was what I constantly would hear and wanted so desperately for it not to be true on this particular graduation day. I was graduating with my Masters and I wanted my hair to be “masters worthy”. The battle was on.

Curly hair is infamous for wanting to do its own thing, and I was donned with these said curls for the past 25 years. One thing I always hated was how curly haired people always struggle when it comes to graduation caps. Sometimes people give up the fight and straighten their locks, some embrace the curls and wear the cap in whatever way works best. I was ready for the battle with the cap to begin.

Round 1: Denying the Curl
Before I made a decision on my hair style, I needed to know if I even wanted to show my hair in its ‘almost true’ natural state. As I tried on the hat, I could tell whatever style I was wearing needed pinning. This is also because I have a large head that does not allow the cap to sit on my head as it does for the petite skull. It was decided. I was going to straighten my hair for the first time since being natural.

Round 2: Accepting the Curl
As I was doing some research on the “straightening” process of my kinks, I got nervous.. did I really want to damage my hair for looks? I logged off the internet and took a look at what I was born with in the mirror: I can make this work!

Round 3: Prepping the Curl
Even though I was ready to accept what my momma gave me, I still wanted it to look as great it can be. I sent my mom pics of me goofing off with my graduation cap and my hair style options, and with her feedback and mine, I made the decision of what my cap hair was going to look like. This took an hour or so of washing, conditioning, twisting my hair in mini twist to perfect a good curl. Now all I had to do is wait and see what the final product was. With my hair, it could go any way, especially if the weather is not in my favor.

attempt styling 1

attempt styling 1








The Final Battle: Success!
Waking up the morning of graduation, I was excited to see the finished project, and based on my family being in town and my best friends with me, I knew it was all going to turn out.

And Viola! It was a success. My hair looked fabulous and I felt great with my natural afro curls




I know this post seems pretty vain, but to be honest, this was surrounding a bubble of insecurities and low confidence. Confidence is something that I am working to grow in, so writing this post is a little practice for me to talk about the things I like about myself. Whether its your curly hair or something else, I hope you can take away that there is ALWAYS something about yourself that you should love. I am learning this with you!



Happiness Project: Practice Makes Perfect – A June Review

Well hello there, July. My first month of my personal Happiness Project is complete and it definitely was a fun ride. My mission for June was to focus on my energy, both physically and mentally. I decided to make sure I had at least seven hours of sleep each day, exercise at least five days a week, as well as practice the art of meditating – a challenge, but one of my new favorite things.
At the beginning of the month, I was at the top of my game. I worked out almost everyday, even if it was in small increments. I felt fully rested when I woke up every morning due to my sleep schedule, and meditating left me so relaxed and energized to continue my day.
As I mentioned in my previous post, “The Balancing Act”, I started struggling with my routine due to me moving in with my parents. I think my body is finally starting to get acclimated with the new move, but I will be doing it again when I move for grad school at the end of the month.
I guess the big question to ask at the end of this month is, do I feel happier? This month definitely challenged me to abide by my commandments, as there have been some down days, but overall, I am pleased with the progress and am excited to tackle a new month of the happiness pursuit.
For the month of July, I decided to dedicate my focus on my health, and how it reflects my confidence. I don’t have the best confidence as of right now, but I have a good feeling about this month and what some of the ideas I have will bring.
Here’s to month two!