July: The Month of Frustrations and Gratitude

I know what you are thinking, how can I be frustrated and still feel grateful? In the past four days alone I have felt anxiety, stress, and happiness for my life. It all starts and ends with my car, “The Hatch”.

I have had the worst luck with my car this week. This past Friday, I blew out my rear tire, and had to take money out of my savings to buy a new (and expensive) tire. Originally, I was livid. I couldn’t stop thinking about all of the negatives that were happening because of it. The fact I was taking money out of my savings three weeks from me moving out of the state. This thought was just enough to push me to tears. I was heading to a fundraising event my best friend’s job was hosting, and didn’t even have the energy or motivation to go once my tire blowout. A part of me thought it was a bad idea for me not to attend the event, that maybe being with my friends would make me feel better. Unfortunately, the negatives flooded my mind and got to me, so I went back home pouting.

I wasn’t happy with my reaction to the events with “The Hatch”. I completely ignored my commandments and rushed to the feeling of “why me”. I vowed that I would not do that to myself again, and of course, the higher beings in the world have a way of holding me to my promises..

Today, on my way home from work, “The Hatch” had an encounter with a rushed truck in bumper to bumper traffic. The truck swerved into my lane and knocked out my front light. Shaking from the fear of damage to my new car, I pulled over and prayed that the damage wasn’t that bad. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and stepped out of the car to see the results. Luckily, the only damage was my light cover, which won’t cost too much to repair. I walked away from the situation without stress, or self-pity, and because of that I feel even better.
If the Happiness Project has taught me anything at this point in time, is that life is never pre-planned. Sometimes just going with the flow and being grateful for what you have, is a huge benefactor to one’s happiness.. I am thankful to have enough money in savings to avoid stress of repair, and I am thankful the damage was minimal. “The Hatch” has been through a lot this week, but at least I feel like I came out of the negatives with a positive smile 🙂

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