Post Grad Confession: I Live with My Parents

If you would have asked me three years ago, hell maybe even five months ago, I would have told you I would never move back in with my parents. I tried to fight it by saving money and applying for as many jobs as possible….

But here I am sitting in my bedroom (?) realizing that I officially live with my parents now. Of course there are some perks:

– Free Food…Sort Of: Upon my arrival home, I had delicious chicken kabobs, baked potatoes and an always good salad. Nothing and I mean NOTHING compares to home-cooked meals (especially the ones we don’t pay for). When it came to desert tonight, I flipped the bill for a pint of Baskin Robbins ice cream for everyone. I thought it was a good win-win deal at the time.

– No Bills: I really do enjoy the idea that I won’t have to pay rent, utilities, cable, etc. anytime soon. I want to save more money for grad school and rent would not be helping me save.

– My Dog: the love for my dog (excuse me, my sister) is a strong one, so having her by my side tonight is going to feel pretty damn good.

As I savor in the benefits of being home, I can’t stop thinking about having my own place. I want to decorate and make a place completely mine. I mean, I have to use up all my Pinterest crafting skills somewhere.  Being somewhat unemployed, I feel like I am in limbo with wanting to live on my own, but having no means to afford it.

My goal is to stay optimistic and patient, two words that I have been tangling with for the past couple months as a post-grad. I know I won’t be living with my parents for long, so in the meantime I am going to save money and keep on being a part of the job hunt!

To all of my friends and readers living at home: Appreciate what you have now, but don’t stop fighting to get the place you want.



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