A Traveler’s Guide to Homesickness: Music is the cure

Everyone goes through it. The feeling where you either want to be left alone or doing what makes you feel comfortable. Last night was one of those nights for me. I didn’t want to drink but I knew I wanted to get out and enjoy something different than a pub. Unfortunately, things did not work out in my favor and I could feel my homesickness kicking in. With a little help from my roomies and a doner kebab I decided to suck it up and see where the night took me.
The night took us to Temple Bar and my initial thought was “Been there, done that” But once we got to the front of the stage waiting for the next band, I tried to stay optimistic. Little did I know that once the band walked up on the stage, I would be on my feet the entire night singing classic songs to a Guinness World Record breaking guitarist.
Dave Browne was the guest guitarist of the night, coming into Temple after playing for 114 hours on guitar (World Record!) I couldn’t believe how insanely fast his fingers were going on an acoustic guitar, I couldn’t stop staring, wishing my hands could move that fast. I could feel my homesickness start to change when the band played “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac and then transcending to “Eye of the Tiger”. I couldn’t tell you how many greats they played, all I can tell you that my mood went from crappy to hyperactive.
I forgot how much music helps my mood and how I feel when I hear a song I love. I guess you forget those essentials when you travel and want to be free from what’s comfortable. My words of wisdom: only you yourself can cure homesickness. It’s something that everyone goes through and it’s always tough to admit you have it, but when it’s gone you have broken a barrier that doesn’t come back until you get homesick over your host country (which also happens) so what started as a contagious illness, ended with ears ringing and a smile on my face.
Thank you Temple Bar and Dave Browne for that.


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